The major distinction in between job candidate as well as task keeper is their purpose. The task hunter repayment is an attempt to financially assist the unemployed while the work caretaker repayment is an effort to aid companies to keep workers.

The Coronavirus threat has actually paralyzed lots of companies and also organizations throughout the world, leading to substantial task losses. Work Caretaker is a new settlement scheme introduced by the Australian federal government to help companies to preserve staff members. The federal government has actually likewise expanded the Task Hunter repayment group as well as presented a Coronavirus Supplement for those qualified for these settlements.

What is Job Seeker?

Think about it. A candidate of a job. Someone who is seeking a job. We could state job hunter due to the fact that most work applicants are truly seeking an occupation as long as a specific work. We have a tendency to be defined by our work. We look for an occupation course that we can comply with that will certainly bring us all the other things we want in life.

The different types of job-seekers


These are the candidates actively searching for tasks to look for as well as this team currently comprises 27% of the working populace in Australia, according to current SEEK research. Undoubtedly, this group is the easiest to spot being those who are replying to task ads, proactively communicating with employers and also HR departments, and looking task boards.


These candidates define their job-seeking behavior as not proactively looking for tasks to apply for, but are instead keeping an eye on duties in their sector or market. This group makes up the lion share of the functioning population, making up 46%.

Worked out

Unsurprisingly, worked out prospects recognize as those who are refraining from doing anything to search for a new work. This group rounds out the staying 28% of the functioning population, and also practically fifty percent are aged in between 45 and also 64 years.

As well as specifying where our working population are in the job-seeking cycle, SEEK has likewise looked into and also developed an algorithm that calculates approachability signals. Based on behavioral information, in addition to tenure and also sector, we are able to anticipate the likelihood of a candidate to be open up to talking about profession opportunities. Information is collated daily and also connected to each candidate within SEEK Talent Search to determine those who are most likely to be friendly.

Difference Between Job Seeker and Job Keeper


Job candidate settlement is a financial assistance supplied by the Australian federal government for out of work people while job keeper repayment is a brand-new financial aid introduced by the Australian federal government to help employers to keep staff members.


The work applicant payment is an attempt to financially assist the out of work while the task caretaker payment is an attempt to help companies to preserve employees.


Unemployed people aged in between 22 and Age Pension plan age, as well as employees who lost their tasks as a result of COVID-19, single investors, freelance, informal workers and contract workers that meet the earnings test as a result of the financial downturn because of COVID-19 are qualified for job candidate payment. Australian organizations (business, depends on, collaborations, and so on) and non-profit organizations who have actually encountered losses (see qualification criteria over) are eligible employers for Work caretaker payments


The payment amount of job applicant depends upon the individual circumstance of the receivers; they will certainly also obtain a Coronavirus Supplement of $550 per fortnight. In contrast, job keeper payment category pays $1,500 per fortnight.

Final thought

The task hunter payment is an attempt to financially assist the out of work while the job keeper payment is an attempt to aid companies to maintain employees. Moreover, the repayment quantity of job seeker relies on the individual scenario of the receivers; they will also obtain a Coronavirus Supplement of $550 per fortnight. On the other hand, work keeper repayment category pays $1,500 per fortnight. This is the major distinction in between work hunter and job caretaker.